Pitt Island: A Jewel in the Chatham Islands Crown

Pitt Island: A Jewel in the Chatham Islands Crown
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The first place to welcome each new day. Stunning landscapes, plentiful birdlife and the iconic Woytek sculptures. Take a daytrip or stay longer

From the ancient tabletop Mount Hakepa, to the stunning array of landscapes and coastlines and the famous wild Saxon-Merino sheep that roam the interior, Pitt Island is a photographer’s delight.

The topography ranges from rolling to steep fertile farmland in places, to wild, rugged coastlines and bush clad valleys in others. This, together with its isolation over the centuries has ensured that the bird life, botanical diversity, geology, fishing, diving, pig and wild sheep hunting experiences are all real drawcards.

With a population of some 40 people and accessible only by plane or boat, Pitt Island might seem remote, or it might be nearly perfect. The resilience of the locals is legendary and No.8 ingenuity abounds on an island with no shops or services.

Despite the isolation, those that are lucky enough to visit this island, usually consider it to be the jewel in the Chatham Islands Crown.

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