To stand on the first place in the world to greet the new day is a “bucket list” experience for many visitors.
Marking this spot at the summit of Mount Hakepa is a special sculptural work by Polish-born artist Woytek, created at the time of the new millennium.
His vision was to craft a message for mankind exactly on the spot where the sun would first light up the Earth on the first dawn of the 21st century.

He believed here nobody can escape the colossal boundlessness of space and time. All hopes of mankind for change and new beginnings are concentrated in this place.

The four bronze ambassadors he created are a lasting testimonial to the invulnerable hope of mankind.

Three of the four are representations of mankind who have come to this remote archipelago on the international dateline with their questions for the millennium.

The occidental philosopher, the “Fool”, searches over the infinite Pacific for future concepts.

The “Astronomer” represents the longing for a humanistic world order.

The Massai “Warrior” represents the reconciliation of mankind and nature.

The fourth sculpture, “Generation” shows a colossal pair of hands presenting an infant to the rising sun. This represents life’s experiences passed on to the next generation in accordance with the laws of nature as Woytek experienced them on the Chatham Islands.
The impact of the constant west wind is reflected in their placement bizarrely in the direction of the exposed storms where the laws of nature rule. The base of the installation is not by chance being reminiscent of the coastal formation of the island.
If you are planning a visit to the Chathams, make sure you include a trip to Pitt Island to visit this special unique location of global significance.

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