In The Regions

 The Chatham Islands contains more than 90,000 hectares of spectacular scenery, mystery, beauty and endurance. 

Visitors on their own journey of discovery are often amazed at the range of things to see and do and how much history and culture they learn about here.

From coastal wetlands, rolling green pastures and endless, golden sandy beaches, to basalt hills and limestone cliffs, there is something for everyone. 

The variation between each region is stunning and although the southern sides of both islands are obviously more exposed to the prevailing winds, temperature variation between the regions is not really noticeable, although there are numerous localised sites around the islands where locals grow the most amazing crops of vegetables and plants virtually all year round.

The islands were infamously known (back in the sealing and whaling days) as the “Gardens of the Pacific” and many  locals eked out a good living by trading  their crops of potatoes and vegetables with passing ships.