Some of the most commonly asked questions when considering a first time trip to the Chatham Islands. 

There is only one airline servicing the Chatham Islands and that is Air Chathams.  Whilst they fly several internal routes across the North Island of New Zealand, they also provide a scheduled air service between the mainland and the Chatham Islands 

  • Monday: Wellington
  • Tuesday: Christchurch
  • Wednesday: Wellington (summer time only) 
  • Thursday: Auckland
  • Friday: Wellington
  • Saturday Auckland (summer time only) 

There are no passenger vessels providing services between New Zealand and the Chathams, so air travel is the only option.

The Chatham Islands is a part of New Zealand and as such the New Zealand dollar is accepted anywhere. Most businesses have internet banking, eftpos and credit card facilities. 

In short; No!

The Chatham Islands are part of New Zealand, so travelling there is just like travelling between any other regions of New Zealand (just a little more water between them)

While an increasing number of locals can and do speak 'Te reo', and a few are learning 'Te re,' the commonly accepted language of conversation on the Chathams is English. 

Pretty much the same as they eat anywhere else in New Zealand. With the addition of some very delicious kai moana (seafood). When you live on an island, it would be foolish to overlook the food resources that surround you. 

If you like Blue cod, Crayfish, Paua, Kina or Terakihi or Moki, then come on down to the Chatham Islands because we have those species in abundance. 

The Chatham Islands has a great summer season, and travel is 'best' between October through to March/April. However, having said that, it should be noted that its not 'bad' for the rest of the year, just prone to being a little windier or wetter then.