Millennium Statues Mount Hakepa Pitt Island
Mangere across the gully
Mangere Island from Waihere Head

Mount Hakepa: The first Place in the World to Welcome Each New Day

Picturesque Pitt Island with Mangere Island in the background

The Restless Skies above Mangere Island

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If you think you know New Zealand….. think again.

The magical and unique Chatham Islands sit astride the Roaring Forties, surrounded by the pristine waters of the Southern Pacific Ocean.

The natural beauty and distinctive spiritual energy of the islands are the perfect setting for a holiday full of adventure, discovery and relaxation.

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We may be small, but when you’re here, you’ll be surprised at how much there is to do.
If you love kaimoana (seafood) then you have come to the right place.


The best way to enjoy the islands is with a tour and there are plenty of options, from small groups, specialist tours and more social groups.


We’re an outdoors destination and variety is king here. Habitats, wildlife, unique birdlife and flora. Plus walks for every day of your stay.
Three cultures in one: Moriori, Maori and European come together on our beautiful islands


The fishing is legendary but if shooting is your thing, then pigs and feral sheep are on offer too.

Voluntary Visitor Levy

Tourism Chatham Island invites all visitors to make a voluntary donation to assist us in managing sustainable tourism and to care for and enhance the Islands’ tourism assets and infrastructure.

Accommodation Choices

If you decide to visit independently, there are some lovely places to stay. From beachfront to homestay and five-star to BnB


There’s really only one way to get here and that’s by flying. With Air Chathams, you can fly from Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch

Island Tours & Charters

There are a range of local tours available, offering day trips around the island, off the island or across to Pitt Island.
With over 730 species of plant on the Chathams, you won’t get bored. The plants here like it so much, they tend to be more colourful than their mainland New Zealand counterparts too.

Splatter / Taniwha Rock

As a Zealandia outlier, the geology of the Chathams speaks volumes about the continent. Very stable, the islands are the most ‘Australia-like’ part of New Zealand.


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Discover our islands


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JM Barker (Hāpūpū) National Historic Reserve

Stunning Walking Tracks Great Scenery

Stunning Walking Tracks Great Scenery There are publicly accessible nature walks all over these beautiful islands and the Department of Conservation maintains these…

Pitt Island: A Jewel in the Chatham Islands Crown

Pitt Island: A Jewel in the Chatham Islands Crown

The first place to welcome each new day. Stunning landscapes, plentiful birdlife and the iconic Woytek sculptures. Take a daytrip or stay longer…

An Abundance of Rare and Endemic Birdlife

An Abundance of Rare and Endemic Birdlife

There are so many species that can be seen without having to go too far off the beaten path, that birdwatchers, botanists, ornithologists and…

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