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  • Summer Newsletter
    Tourism Chatham Islands E-Newsletter Summer 2022 Kia ora  Welcome to our summer edition newsletter. The time of year when the pohutukawas are in full bloom and the Island has plenty of warm sunny days.  Reflecting back on the last year, the Islands have had some major achievements. Firstly, you will notice the new Council and Museum building in the main township of Waitangi. Secondly, the mobile networks are up and running with the Chatham Islands having mobile coverage. Thirdly, the redevelopment of the airport is well underway.  The tourism sector hasn’t stopped, with many projects being underway or completed. These include the Qualmark READ MORE
  • January Newsletter
    Tourism Chatham Islands E-Newsletter  January 2021 Kia ora Happy New Year to all our readers. Our year has had a busy start with lots of visitors to the island. We have included some important information for our visitors below to help us manage demand. Work continues on a number of projects. Several are highlighted briefly below.   Tourism Update – 32% growth in arrivals for 2020 What a challenging year we have just had. While many areas of the mainland have found themselves with major tourism declines the Chathams, being one of the furthest destinations New Zealanders can fly to. we have seen growth. When, READ MORE