Here is your opportunity to support some vital Chatham Island projects

We get  a lot of requests from visitors to the islands that want to contribute in some form towards protecting our unique way of life, our incredibly special range of flora and fauna, or towards some of the species protection or restoration programmes. Sometimes visitors want to do so to offset their carbon footprint from their visit, or to participate in a worthy cause such as those below.

Tourism Chatham Islands have chosen three initial projects that the many visitors who have indicated they would like to give something back to the Island can contribute to. These are: Tourism Chatham Islands; The Chatham Islands Museum; and The Taiko Trust. We welcome your support. 

Tourism Chatham Islands – Since it’s establishment in 2019, this organisation has been very active in project work to assist with the management and restoration of assets, enhancements and marketing of the Island.

Initial projects have included;

  • assisting with the funding for six new toilets at specific venues around the island, including at the Stone Cottage,
  • a new welcome sign,
  • airport enhancements,
  • working with the Fishing Forum,
  • developing a new brochure,
  • upgrading the website
  • introducing a voluntary visitor levy and
  • helping current and new operators promote their businesses.

Tourism Chatham Islands has significant support from many entities and is working towards ways of becoming self-sustaining, however it has no ongoing funding.

Contributions are welcomed and can be made to the following bank account.

Bank Acct: 06-0845-0796434-02
Particulars: (Your last name)
Reference: Donation 

For further information please email

The Taiko Trust – Officially formed in 1998 the Taiko Trust is comprised of mainly Chatham Island locals coming together to protect the world’s most endangered seabird species. The Trust’s four main projects are:

1. Sweetwater – The development of an 800m protected predator proofed area of 2.4h of forest securing the breeding site of the Chatham Islands Taiko.
2. Albatross Translocation – With the only breeding place on Te Tara Kaia Koia/The Pyramid, the Trust is attempting to establish a colony on mainland Chathams and avoid the risks of storm events stripping the breeding habitats. The chicks are relocated to “flowerpot nests” in the protected site at Gap Sanctuary on the main island and cared for, being fed squid and fish daily.
3. Taiko Conservation – Protecting breeding habitat, predator control, and transfers of chicks into Sweetwater to develop a protected population secure within the predator proof fence.
4. Coastal Restoration – Following the erection of a 1.3km predator proof fence by The Tuanui Family Trust, the Taiko Trust is now working to restore the coastline as a thriving seabird driven ecosystem and once again see vast numbers of seabirds breeding on the Main Island. Using endemic Chatham Islands Akeake together with less wind hardy species, this project involves the planting of around 20,000 trees per year.

You can support this work with a donation directly into the Taiko Trust bank account

Bank Acct: 01-1192-0015702-00 
Particulars: (Your last name)
Reference: Donation

Alternately you can make a donation to the Taiko trust directly from their website: >>>>>>>>>>

At times when albatross transfers are being undertaken, chicks can be sponsored. Please email Bruce and Liz Tuanui if you require any further information on

The Chatham Islands Museum is an important facility presenting much of the story of the Island. It is also a very popular visitor attraction.
The museum trust has an exciting project underway with the development of a new museum building as part of a broader Chatham Islands Council complex. Plans for the building have been developed. Initial concept plans for the exhibition themes and displays have been prepared and community consultation is currently being sought.

Funding for both the complex and displays is required. Donations to this project are encouraged and can be made directly to the bank account

Bank Acct: 01 1192 0020122 000
Particulars: (Your last name
Reference: Donation

If you would like to become a significant sponsor of this project please contact: Jocelyn Powell via email: