• Arts & Crafts

    There are several galleries and locations to source art works or collectibles from our local artists. Just ask your host where to find them.   

  • Attractions

    From scenic and historic reserves, to spectacular scenery, or strange geological formations. You have to come and have a look.   

  • Charters & Tours

    From fishing or tour charters on the water, chartered flights around the islands or geological or ornithological tours, it's all here.   

  • Culture & History

    The Chathams history of Moriori, Maori and European settlement is unique and fascinating. Come and experience the culture for yourself.   

  • Eating & Drinking

    The food is healthy, wholesome and direct from the land or sea. Come and taste real seafood, or relax in a local cafe and soak up the Chathams atmosphere.   

  • Environment

    From forest walks and golden sandy beaches, to habitat restoration projects and species recovery, the Chatham Islands has it all.   

  • Hunting & Fishing

    Experienced local guides can take you hunting or fishing around the islands. Or catch your own fish from shore or from a charter boat.   

  • Places to Stay

    Luxury lodges, home-stays, backpackers, motels, and a hotel. The Chathams can cater for all your accommodation needs.   

  • Your Experience

    Follow your nose around the islands, or follow a tour guide: The choice is yours