Wild Food Challenge

Chatham Island Wild Food Challenge The Local Wild Food Challenge is an international cooking competition spread over five countries around the world. The event on the Chatham Islands is held at the Admiral Gardens on the second Saturday in December every year. In a partnership with Kiwi Kids Can Cook by NZ Chefs Association, the challenge involves adults and children, amateurs and professionals, locals and visitors. Food tastings, vendors, entertainment and live demonstrations will fill in the scene for a competition rich of fantastic food and great prizes sponsored by local businesses and NZ networks. For bookings contact:  info@hotelchatham.co.nz  Facebook: Check it out Phone: 03 3050048

Chatham Island Half Marathon

Dust off those trusty trainers, put away the tv remote and get some practice in for the next Chatham Island Half-Marathon. Feel the wind in your hair, feet pounding, the gravel roads whizzing by ….. Sound familiar? Its that time again. The annual Chatham Island Half Marathon will be upon us soon. The actual date is yet to be confirmed .   Half marathon 10km walk 5 km walk All inquiries to office@haoteora.org.nz