Grab a coffee and something sweet and take your time to peruse this truly memorable place. This is a must on your visit to the Island.  Visit on a Saturday and there’s something more substantial on the menu.

Refurbished in a retro style, this 1970s A-Frame gallery not only displays photography but is of fascination in its own right. Every room has its own style and story.

Céline is a seventh-generation Pitt Islander – although she spent many years overseas, getting an education and travelling.

Coming home to the Chatham Islands some 20-plus years ago has inspired her photography which has now become more than a profession, it’s a true, lifelong passion.

Known for her ability to capture uniquely original moments with her lens, Céline has the ability to create images in characteristic and artistic ways.

Céline is also a Marriage Celebrant and saying “I do” could not be done in a more exclusive location.

If you have any questions regarding marriage licenses or photography, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

03 3050 605