January Newsletter

Tourism Chatham Islands E-Newsletter  January 2021 Kia ora Happy New Year to all our readers. Our year has had a busy start with lots of visitors to the island. We have included some important information for our visitors below to help us manage demand. Work continues on a number of projects. Several are highlighted briefly below.   Tourism Update – 32% growth in arrivals for 2020 What a challenging year we have just had. While many areas of the mainland have found themselves with major tourism declines the Chathams, being one of the furthest destinations New Zealanders can fly to. we have seen growth. When, comparing visitor numbers from 2019 and 2020, the Chathams has seen a 32% increase in visitor arrivals. Our latest calculations, based on Air Chathams booking data, indicates visitor numbers sat at 1750 for 2020. With Hotel Chathams reporting it is virtually full to June we are not expecting the usual autumn and winter decline. We all recognise it is impossible to forecast anything at present, given the situation with Covid-19.     Air Chathams Update The Chathams Islands has become a tourism gem almost overnight, attracting national and international media attention as one of only a handful of places to READ MORE

October Update

Tourism Chatham Islands E-Newsletter  October 2020   Kia ora  Welcome What an interesting few months it has been. Firstly, the closure of tourism on the Island through Covid-19 and now the complete reverse with some accommodation operators indicating they have very few gaps through till the end of June 2021. Everyone is still very mindful of the future and the uncertain times ahead. Tourism New Zealand Chief Executive Visit Last month we welcomed Tourism New Zealand Chief Executive Stephen England-Hall and Industry Relations Manager Paul Yeo. This provided an ideal opportunity to show them some of the attractions, meet people involved in the industry, Council, Enterprise Trust, Iwi and Imi and get an understanding of tourism on the Island. We are now beginning work with the team at TNZ on a number of projects to help local  businesses, careers in tourism and the tourism offering. A big thank you to everyone who helped out and was involved.   Air Chathams Update We are still pushing through our slow recovery from Covid-19 travel restrictions, including the second lockdown in Auckland which suspended 70 weekly flights.  Fortunately, the Chathams has been the silver lining in our recovery with increased demand due to international travel restrictions. And as READ MORE

May Newsletter

Tourism Chatham Islands E-Newsletter May 2020 Kia ora,  Welcome Thank you to everyone for the great response to our first newsletter and for those who responded with photos and donations. This newsletter has further information on what is happening in tourism on the Island and a request for help with research and the writing of content for the exhibits to be installed in the museum. We would like to make a huge shout out to anyone who can help us promote the Chatham Islands as a visitor destination. The new website is almost ready to go and our new brochure will be digital as well as hard copy.  Tourism Forecasts for the Chatham Islands, Post Lockdown 4 Key Drivers Many of our tourism businesses have incurred significant losses due to Covid-19. With the move to Level 2 we are expecting the numbers of people looking to holiday on the Chatham Islands to increase. Our main tour companies have all confirmed their continued packages for the coming season. There are four key drivers of this anticipated new growth. Firstly, New Zealanders who normally travel overseas may still want to fly somewhere different and the Chathams is one of the few options.   Next, Tourism New Zealand is now mandated READ MORE

TCI Newsletter

Tourism Chatham Islands Newsletter Kia ora,  Welcome Kia ora and welcome to our very first newsletter for Tourism Chatham Islands. The formation of this new entity is a milestone in the management and development of this industry. It has the potential to become a much more significant driver of the Chatham Islands economy and a much greater positive contributor to the communities of the Chathams. In this newsletter we have a message from the Chair, Duane Emeny, and we provide an overview of our main activities and news. At Tourism Chatham Islands we are also providing the opportunity for visitors to contribute back to the Islands. We highlight three very good causes that can be supported. In the future we will be showcasing attractions on the Islands, featuring businesses and business development and providing tourism updates. Chat from the Chair – Duane Emeny Kia Ora Everybody and thanks for subscribing to our tourism newsletter! It has been a very busy year for tourism on the Chatham Islands. And I’d personally like to thank our governance group for volunteering their time to drive home the goals put forward in our strategic roadmap for tourism development and management on the Chathams. Special mention must go to our ‘dogged’ interim READ MORE