Chatham Islands Airport – Longer and Stronger Project

          PRESS RELEASE – CHATHAM ISLANDS AIRPORT LONGER & STRONGER PROJECT – PHASE TWO FUNDING APPROVED. 6 July 2021 The Government has advised that funding has been approved to proceed with the construction phase of Chatham Islands Airport’s (CIAL) project to Lengthen and Strengthen the runway. This funding is in addition to the funding previously approved to complete an Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) and design process. The Contractor selected to undertake the construction works to Lengthen and Strengthen the CIAL runway is Downer New Zealand Limited with BECA Limited undertaking contract management for CIAL. The Construction project is due commence in late August 2021 with completion of the runway components being anticipated in July 2022. In addition to the lengthening and strengthening of the runway and the expansion and strengthening of the apron there are a number ancillary works included to ensure the airport is in a position to accommodate and manage jet aircraft. This project sits within a suite of projects identified through the Chatham Islands Investment Strategy which is a whole of Islands and all of government strategy to support sustainable growth on the Chatham Islands. The airport extension has been identified as critical READ MORE