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Background and Purpose
The images and video on this site have been commissioned by, donated to, or created by Tourism Chatham Islands and Tourism Chatham Islands has permission to use them throughout this site and in other publications.
Tourism Chatham Islands encourages the non-commercial use of these images in positively promoting the Chatham Islands, within the conditions outlined below.
Should commercial use be required please email:
If you require high resolution files please email the manager at the above email address.

Conditions of Use of Images

1. The images will only be used for the purposes of positively promoting the Chatham Islands 
2. They will not be used to represent a third party or its commercial products.
3. Third party branding will not be placed across or around the images without permission of Tourism Chatham Islands.
4. The images are not allowed to be altered in any way without permission of Tourism Chatham Islands
5. The images cannot be on-sold.
6. Permission to use these images does not abrogate the user’s responsibility to ensure they are not infringing on the cultural or intellectual property rights of Chatham Islands Imi/Iwi.