Maunganui Stone Cottage

One of the leading attractions on the Island, the Stone Cottage is a Heritage New Zealand Category 1 Historic Listed building. Permission to visit must be gained from the owner and a charge exists to help cover maintenance of the Cottage.

The cottage was built in 1866–1868 by German Moravian missionaries who arrived in 1843. While the missionaries made no converts they had a significant input into the history and lifestyle of the Chathams, introducing large-scale horticulture, sheep farming, ship building and literacy.

The cottage is built largely of local stone, burnt pipi shells to provide the mortar and heart timber of akeake for window lintels and doors.

The missionaries were committed to the idea of being self-reliant. An orchard, gardens and a stand of macrocarpa were planted. The nearby swampland was drained. A woolshed, stables and other outbuildings were added later. The cottage has gone through various restoration projects and this continues.

Allow time for a walk along the beach to the cathedral-like basalt boulders further east.

This attraction is on private land and access requires permission beforehand and payment of an entry fee. This is very important, especially on farms, for management and health and safety.

Either ask your accommodation provider or contact Jymy & Tarsha Gregory-Hunt.

Open by appointment only.

Ph: 03 3050 653 or 027 3050 302 
Address: Waitangi West Road

Or contact Paddy and Wai on 03 3050074
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