Hunting & Fishing

The Chatham Islands are renowned for the world-class sea fishing, available literally at the doorstep and nearly all year round (weather permitting). The remoteness of the Islands and their location ensures cold, clear water provide ideal habitat for arguably some of the highest quality seafood in the world. While blue cod and hapuka are plentiful at most times of the year, other species that can be caught can include kingfish, terakihi, blue moki and shark. Visitors are asked to help preserve this valuable resource by taking only what is needed for a meal or a minimal amount of fish away.

Hunters also come from far and wide to chase the elusive and extremely canny, Pitt Island wild sheep. The famous Saxon-Merino, Pitt Island wild sheep have roamed free on Pitt Island for over 150 years. While now constrained to the isolated rocky cliffs – their preferred habitat – these wild sheep are not farmed in any way. Treasured as a source of food and recreation, islanders strive to preserve this now rare breed by promoting sustainable and managed hunting which not only helps to preserve the breed but brings vital income to the island.

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  • Chatham Island Charters

    Whether it’s a fishing charter for the Island’s renowned hapuka or blue cod, a scenic tour to explore the rare bird, marine or remote island life, or a private event charter, we can tailor our trips to cater for your needs.

  • Owenga Charters

    Excite your senses with one of our scenic or fishing charters or both! Check out our fishing trips options, or come commercial crayfishing with us for a day.   

  • Wild Sheep Hunting & Fishing Charters

    Exclusive hunting of the legendary Pitt Island wild rams in their true natural environment. Pitt Island