Henga Scenic Reserve

Walk to a lookout with views over a huge sand-dune system and Petre Bay (1 hr 30 min return via the same track). Continue through coastal forest to complete a loop (2 hr 30 min) featuring groves of intriguing and mysterious limestone outcrops, regenerating kopi  (karaka) and mahoe bush, unique sand dune flora and spectacular views over Petre Bay.

This 170 hectare reserve is situated on the North road. The track begins by the Henga Scenic Reserve sign on the roadside, approximately 15 minutes drive from Waitangi.  There is also an option to walk from Henga Lodge which is on private land and a fee is required.

It takes about 45 minutes to reach the limestone outcrops and sand dunes and there is regenerating bush on the return part of the walk. A shorter 30 minute bush walk can also be completed.

There are several very good bush walks within this scenic reserve, ranging from 10 minutes to 2 hours.

 The trails are easy to walk, well signposted and there is beach access. There is also a toilet at the start of the track.

“The Best”
This Reserve is fantastic, very easy to get to, you walk through the paddocks from the road, the tracks are well maintained, then there is bush, the lovely lime rocks and then down to the dunes and along the beach if you wish. You can take the long track or the short track, also take a mountain bike if you wish. A great place to visit and have a picnic on the way or just stop and admire the view.

TripAdvisor: Henga Scenic Reserve
Website: www.henga-scenic-reserve