JM Barker (Hāpūpū) National Historic Reserve

To put the significance and importance of Hāpūpū into context, the J.M. Barker Hāpūpū National Historic Reserve is one of only two National Historic Reserves in all of New Zealand. The other is the Treaty grounds at Waitangi in the Bay of Islands.Rakau Momori Tree Carvings

Hāpūpū contains the few remnants of rakau momori (Moriori memorial tree impressions). Sadly, many of these ancient miheke (treasures) have vanished and Moriori are today seeking to reignite this ancient tradition of engraving the kopi trees on the Islands.

The walk through the bush takes you past some of these unique engravings. The short bush walk takes about 20 minutes, or the longer one including the coastal walk is about 40 minutes.

There is public access but guided trips are recommended to visitors so further damage does not occur in this special place

Website: Dept of Conservation / Hāpūpū



This National Reserve is one of only two in the entire country of New Zealand, therefore has great significance.

Good facilities at this historical reserve. It is very well worth visiting here as these fragile trees could soon disappear. Hopefully they can be preserved but that may not be in their natural environment.

This reserve is one of the only tow national historic reserves in New Zealand. Hapupu protects rakau momori (Moriori tree carvings). The walk through the bush takes you to some of the unique rakau momori, takes around 20 minutes. There’s also a nice rest area, so bring along a picnic lunch.