Tommy Solomon Statue

A visit to the statue of Tommy Solomon (Tame Horomona Rehe) at Manukau on the southeast coast is worth the trip.
A bush-covered area of 800 hectares at Manukau was allocated to Moriori in 1870 by the Native Land Court, the largest of eight reserves provided for them. Moriori have lived at Manukau for over 800 years and still do to this day. The area was cleared and farmed for many years by Moriori of the Owenga district and today is owned by the Solomon family.

Tommy Solomon, the last known full Moriori, was a popular man, a successful farmer and business man. He died in March 1933, aged 49 and is buried at Manukau.

The statue of Tommy Solomon was commissioned by the Solomon families in 1984 and unveiled by Prime Minister David Lange in December 1986. It stands as a memorial for all Moriori.

Visitors to the statue of Tommy Solomon are encouraged to leave a koha of a gold coin donation towards the maintenance and upkeep of the grounds and gardens.