Northern Chatham Island


The Northern Chathams provides a variety of excellent walks, a range of scenic reserves and is a must-visit destination.

Much of this region is privately owned and visiting many parts of it requires permission from the landowner. Ask your accommodation host for more information.

This region plays host to the largest farm on the islands, Wharekauri Station. Attractions at Wharekauri include the Heritage New Zealand Category 1 listed Ponga Whare, and at the western end of Wharekauri beach, “Splatter” or “Taniwha Rock” is a most impressive example of the black basalt pillow lavas that erupted from the sea floor. The shape reflects vertical tubular lava cooling and slumping.

Oystercatcher and other seabirds and a range of vegetation can be viewed along this beach. Sand dune restoration and toetoe planting has also been undertaken to protect the habitat.

The reserves listed below are all open to the public, at no charge and permission is not required.