Getting Around

With an area of some 97,000 acres, you will need some form of transport be able to get around all of the attractions. Rental vehicles are available for hire at Chatham Automotive and Marine and a number of the accommodation providers also have rental vehicles for hire. 

Chatham Island Tours specialise in guided tours around the Island. 

Air Chathams have a 5-seater Cessna available for charter sight-seeing flights around the islands, as well as providing an air service between Chatham and Pitt Islands. Booking are required.

Owenga Charters offer transport to Pitt Island by boat.


  • Pitt Island Day Tours

    Discover Pitt Island's history, heritage and nature with a day tour with experienced and knowledgeable local guides. Pitt Island   

  • Owenga Charters

    Excite your senses with one of our scenic or fishing charters or both! Check out our fishing trips options, or come commercial crayfishing with us for a day.   

  • Chatham Island Tours

    Locally owned and operated, Kerry specialises in bespoke tours to the beautiful, rugged and varying landscapes.   

  • Chathams Automotive & Marine

    We have a range of rental cars, 4WDs and vans available. We offer short or long term hire with discounted long term rates. Airport delivery available.   

  • Air Chathams

    There really is only one way for visitors to get to the Chatham Islands, and that’s with our very own home-grown airline: Air Chathams.