Plan Your Trip

Tourism on the Chatham Islands is very different from mainland New Zealand. Plan your trip to ensure that there is accommodation and transport available. Most attractions are on private land and need to be pre-arranged, and as there are limited transport options, no airport bus, or Island taxis, it is important to have your visit pre-planned and pre-booked.

Package Tours

Most visitors stay up to seven days to see the main Chatham Island and spend time on Pitt Island. There are several ways to plan and book your holiday.

  1. Choose an accommodation provider that aligns to the type of stay you enjoy and seek their assistance.  Awarakau Lodge, Flowerpot Lodge (on Pitt Island) and Hotel Chatham all offer guided tours.
  2. Contact Chatham Island Travel. They are Island based locals who work directly with a number of providers and can customise flights, accommodation, transport, guided tours and activities. They also offer packages.
  3. Joining a tour group is highly recommended. There are a small number of tour companies that are members of Tourism Chatham Islands and listed on our website who are very familiar with the Islands and have long standing relationships with Island operators. Some are specialists in certain topics. All will provide you with a comprehensive interpreted tour that is the best way to get the most from your time on the Island.

Camping / Freedom Camping

There is no provision on the Island for camping or freedom camping. All accommodation must be pre-booked with operators.

Chatham Island Tours are locally owned and specialise in customised guided tours for groups of 15 to 18 in a 4WD tour vehicle and have existing arrangements with landowners.

Rental vehicles are available for hire at Henga Rentals, Hotel Chatham Rentals and several of the accommodation providers also have rental vehicles for hire. 


  • Book Your Trip

    It is essential that you pre-book your trip to the Chathams, to ensure that you have transportation and accommodation available for you.   

  • Chatham Island Tours

    Locally owned and operated, Kerry specialises in bespoke tours to the beautiful, rugged and varying landscapes.   

  • Geology Excursions

    Come ride and explore the amazing stable eastern edge of the Zealandia continent!   

  • Getting Here

    There really is only one way for visitors to get to the Chatham Islands, and that’s with our very own, home-grown airline: Air Chathams.   

  • Inbound Tours

    Planning your visit before you arrive is highly recommended. Special interest tours, (eg: geology and farming) are organised annually.   

  • Your Experience

    The Islands are a place where visitors relax and enjoy so many different activities.. There is so much to see and do, that most visitors stay for a week or more.